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Pro-Abortion Groups Furious At Trump’s Announcement That He’ll Attend ‘March For Life’ Event

As President Donald Trump’s legal team defends him on the floor of the U.S. Senate, the president announced on Wednesday that he’ll be attending the upcoming “March For Life” held annually in the nation’s capital and while he received heaps of praise for the move, many pro-choice groups slammed him for the announcement.

The president made the announcement via Twitter on Wednesday evening, posting a video of last year’s march and writing, “See you on Friday…Big Crowd!”

Trump was the first president to be a part of the March For Life, addressing the massive crowds at last year’s event via video feed. His attendance at the upcoming event will mark the first for a U.S. president.

His administration has made an effort to roll back pro-abortion legislation since he entered office in 2016, including the appointment of anti-abortion judges and legislation that restricts access to federal funds for abortion funding.

“He will be the first president in history to attend and we are so excited for him to experience in person how passionate our marchers are about life and protecting the unborn,” said Jeanne Mancini, president of the March For Life event.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Republican Rep. Chris Smith are also slated to attend the opening ceremonies for the event and speak to the expected large crowds the event typically draws.

The president of an anti-abortion group, Marjorie Dannenfelser, said Trump’s personal appearance at the event is nothing short of a big deal, saying his “presence at the March for Life, the world’s largest pro-life event, signals a watershed moment for the Pro-life Movement.”

Pro-choice and pro-abortion groups have already signaled their frustration at Trump’s upcoming appearance at the pro-life event, claiming he’s “turning to deception and disinformation about abortion to gin up a vocal and extreme minority as he faces the escalating reality that his presidency is crumbling around him.”

Planned Parenthood also responded to the president’s announcement, accusing Trump and Vice President Mike Pence of attempting to “undermine” the organization’s mission.

The main event for March For Life will kick off on Friday in Washington D.C.



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