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Pro-Impeachment Dem Returns Home, Faces Wrath Of Her Constituents: ‘We’re Mad As Hell!’

With congressional representatives’ busy schedules and trips to-and-from Washington D.C., there’s often not a lot of time for constituents to hold their elected officials feet to the fire.

But Oklahoma Rep. Kendra Horn’s constituents found the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Earlier this week, Horn got an earful from her district voters, who confronted her at a Town Hall meeting. A majority of the backlash came from her pro-impeachment stance, siding with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her war against President Donald Trump.

“As an independent voter, I think you’re in a lot of trouble if you vote for this impeachment,” Susan Jaslow told Horn. It’s worth noting that, per a Daily Caller report, that Jaslow voted for Horn in 2018, but will not do so if she proceeds with an impeachment vote.

When Horn tried to wiggle her way out of a definite “yes” vote on impeachment, others that were in the crowd jumped in.

“We’re mad as hell. Why did you allow this sham to go on?” one asked.

“You’re in a lot of trouble if you vote for this,” another said.

“Get back to work for the American people!” yet another stated.

Watch the tense exchange:

The polls show that Horn really is in trouble if she votes for a Trump impeachment, as her district was won by Trump in the 2016 election. It’ll be tough to win again in 2020.

Whatever way she votes, Horn in a serious bind. Either she support impeaching Trump, saves face with fellow Democrats, and risks getting voted out by an upset voter base or she votes to not impeach Trump, loses favor with Pelosi, and risks getting voted out in a district that Trump won.

Horn is between a rock and a hard place.

What do you think of Horn’s constituents sounding off on the representative at her town hall? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to vote in our official poll below.


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