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Pro-Trump Singer Wears ‘Impeached And Re-Elected’ Dress To Grammys, Stirs Controversy

Joy Villa, who first made headlines after she wore a stunning pro-Donald Trump, MAGA dress to the Grammys shortly after Trump was elected, made another huge statement at this year’s awards show.

According to The Hill, Villa stunned onlookers with a similar, pro-Trump style dress, but with large words “Impeached and Re-Elected” on the back, with Trump 2020 on the front of the dress. The ensemble was complete with a patriotic-style coat.

The designer of the dress, Desi Allinger, weighed in on what inspired this year’s pro-Trump design, saying the “collar of Joy’s latex dress was inspired by a neckline on a dress by Alexander McQueen, and the coat is inspired by our first lady [Melania Trump] — I just picture her in this. So yeah, USA!”

Apparently, Villa didn’t reveal details to the White House before the event, but told Ivanka Trump that she planned on making a splash by wearing something supportive of the president.

“I just told Ivanka and the White House that I’m going to wear something to be supportive. I don’t let anyone know the message beforehand,” Villa said. She also said she literally felt like Miss America while she wore the stunning dress.

In 2019, Villa sported another politically-charged dress that showed support for Trump’s border wall proposal. The up-and-coming singer has also worn a pro-life dress with the image of a fetus in support of the pro-life movement.



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