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Harvard Law School Professor Warns Pelosi That She’s Guilty Of ‘Obstruction’ And ‘Abuse Of Power’

As President Donald Trump and his Republican allies await House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision on when (if) she will transmit the impeachment articles to the U.S. Senate for a fair trial, the president’s allies — including legal experts like Alan Dershowitz — are claiming that Pelosi is actually in violation of the same two articles of impeachment allegations leveled against Trump.

According to The Daily Caller, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz made the accusation on Monday night while speaking on Sean Hannity’s show about Pelosi’s stalling tactic.

“You know what I say? This is obstruction of the Senate, the exact same charge that was made against the president. This is abuse of power from exactly same charge they made against the president. It is wrong constitutionally, and it is wrong morally, and it is wrong politically,” Dershowitz proclaimed.

Doubling down on his attack on Pelosi and House Democrats, the professor went on to claim that they’re using the impeachment process — a process instituted by the Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution — to play some kind of political, partisan game.

“The Democrats can’t have it both ways. They can’t sound the one hand, to the public we are saying he is impeached, but to this and that he has not impeached,” Dershowitz said.

He also pointed out that Democrats are likely holding on to the impeachment articles because, as it stands in the public eye — the president is still officially “impeached,” which makes it even more wrong that he hasn’t yet been afforded a fair trial, as outlined by the Framers.

“As far as the American public is concerned, the president is impeached. That is why it was utterly unfair to suggest we don’t have to allow the Senate now to acquit him.” Dershowitz said.

He also claimed that Pelosi has painted herself into a corner, politically.

“If he hasn’t been impeached, Nancy Pelosi has to go to the media and say … he has not been impeached. He is presumed innocent.”

“Remember, the Senate is the sole judge of innocence on impeachment,” he added.

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