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Protests Erupt In California Over Stay-At-Home Order, Protesters Demand Freedom

While numerous states instituted some form of stay-at-home orders as a tactic to keep the numbers down in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Americans in several states — now including California — have grown tired and weary, with many feeling that their American freedoms have been wrongfully stripped away.

According to the Associated Press, large crowds are gathering in the heavily blue state of California, with protesters storming the state’s Capitol with signs and chants, demanding the quarantine orders be lifted, including a new round of beach closures that angered many.

“I’m really fed up with what’s going on,” said Cali resident Joe Ranciato, 58. “I don’t like my freedom to be put in jeopardy.”

Others broke into chants of “U-S-A” and other demands for freedom. A small plane flew overhead with California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s likeness on it, with a slogan that read “End His Tyranny.”

In total, there were around a dozen different protests spread throughout the state, covering the largest cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

While California has been praised by those from both sides of the political aisle for handling the pandemic early on and keeping the numbers far from what the East coast is experiencing, Newsom doesn’t think it’s time to let up.

“We can screw all that up. We can set all that back by making bad decisions,” the governor said. “All of that works because people have done an incredible job in their physical distancing.”

But while the state is a liberal politica bastion, many rural counties in the state are conservative-leaning, with one, Modoc County, being the first to openly defy the governor’s orders.

Heather Hadwick, the county’s deputy director of emergency services, said that Murdoc County is “moving forward with our reopening plan,” while noting that the small, rural county has not experienced any reported cases of COVID-19 infections.

“Our residents were moving forward with or without us. We really needed to create guidelines for them so that they could do this in the safest way possible,” Hadwick said.

Other businesses in rural areas throughout the state have also defied the orders, including some restaurants and hair salons.


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