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Rand Paul Strikes Back, Reads Aloud ‘Banned’ Question That Justice Roberts Refused To Read

Chief Justice John Roberts faced mounting backlash on Thursday after he refused to read a question submitted to him by Sen. Rand Paul during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, on the second day senators were allowed to submit questions to be read out loud.

Roberts apparently refused to read the question as it was reportedly about the anonymous whistleblower from the U.S. intelligence community who triggered Trump’s impeachment process in the first place.

But according to Daily Caller, Paul explained at a press conference on Thursday that his question was not treated fairly for what it actually was.

“My question is not about a ‘whistleblower.’ My question is about the actions of known Obama partisans within the NSC and House staff and how they are reported to have conspired before impeachment proceedings had even begun,” Paul told reporters.

The Kentucky senator further explained his question in a tweet.

Paul has remained a defender of Trump during the duration of the impeachment inquiry and the subsequent impeachment trial currently being held in the Senate.

The question of whether or not witnesses will be called — which would extend the trial — is still in the air, though Paul recently said if Democrats are able to call witnesses, he would force a vote for Republicans to call Hunter Biden as a witness. In November, Paul claimed that there was a possibility that he would personally reveal the whistleblower’s identity, saying he “probably will.”

Though some conservative media outlets claimed to have already published the name of the whistleblower, the person’s name has not yet been officially released.


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