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Ratings For Opening Day Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Bomb Compared To House Hearings Last Year

As President Donald Trump’s legal team and Democratic House Managers move into the third day of the president’s Senate impeachment trial, Americans across the country are seemingly growing less interested in the matter, as far as watching it on television.

According to Reuters, 11 million Americans tuned in for the opening day of Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate — which aired across six cable and broadcast television networks.

While that number sounds impressive off of the top, when compared to the televised House hearings last year in which several rounds of witnesses provided live testimony, the numbers are lower by several million. Specifically, the House hearings opening day managed to draw 13.8 million viewers.

Tuesday’s Senate impeachment trial lasted a mind-numbing 13 hours and consisted of countless arguments between both sides, with Democrats pushing a series of attempts to amend the rules set for the trial by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

On Wednesday, the House Managers began their opening arguments. The arguments were led by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who managed to log several hours of talking time throughout the course of the day.

Many of the cable news networks began to show more of it’s routine programming with periodic check-ins on the Senate floor on day two of the Senate impeachment trial, presumably as Americans were likely tuning out after countless hours of monotonous speaking.

Democratic House Managers have until Saturday to finish their opening arguments, should they need that long to wrap them up. Trump’s legal team will then get the chance to argue their innocence of the two articles of impeachment facing the president.



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