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Rep. Gaetz Counters Dems, Brings Up Obama During Trump Impeachment Hearing

On Thursday, Rep. Matt Gaetz brought up former President Barack Obama during the impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump.

According to The Hill, Gaetz argued that the “abuse of power” article of impeachment was a “total joke,” adding that many people in his home district believe Obama abused his power.

“I’ve got a lot of constituents who think Barack Obama abused his power but you know what? We didn’t do this to the country,” said Gaetz, who was elected right before before Obama finished his term in 2017.

“We didn’t put him through this nonsense in this impeachment. You all set the standard. We didn’t set it. You said this would have to be bipartisan, compelling and overwhelming. It ain’t that, and this looks pretty bad,” he added.

Before Gaetz mentioned Obama, he made the point that Ukrainians would have be “lying to us” in order to accept the current articles of impeachment against Trump, as Ukraine has said on multiple occasions that foreign aid was not withheld on the call, nor was there any “quid pro quo.”

“To accept the Democrats’ theory of the case, you’ve got to believe the Ukrainians are lying to us,” Gaetz said. “That they’re so weak and they’re so dependent on the United States, that we can’t believe a word they say. Well, again, where were you during the Obama administration when this weak ally didn’t get Javelins [missiles] that were then withheld?”

Gaetz has been a fiery proponent for the president in the last month, recently calling out Professor Pamela Karlan’s multiple donations to high-ranking Democrats and leftist organization.

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