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Rep. Nadler Claims ‘Thousands’ Will Die If President Trump Opens Economy Soon

The alarmism has been off the charts in the last week as talks of reopening the economy begin to talk place, with some states — like Texas and Georgia — starting to slowly open things back up.

And leading the charge is none other than Rep. Jerry Nadler, who helped spearhead the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

During an interview on Wednesday with MSNBC’s Katy Tur, Nadler boldly stated that the president would be killing off many Americans in his bid to reopen the economy quickly.

“In terms of reopening, we have to be very, very careful. I know that the people are eager to reopen businesses. There are several things to consider. Number one, people are not going to come back to restaurants so fast when they’re worried about their own health. So that’s a little premature. Second of all, you can’t reopen businesses until we have enough testing that has been done. And far from enough testing has been done to justify allowing people to reduce the social distancing requirements,” Nadler claimed.

The New York Democrat added, “Again, we know that President Trump is trying to — for political reasons because he wants the economy to look good before his reelection, he’s trying to disregard the science and disregard the medical advice and get the businesses open again. But if that happens, it’s going to lead, predictably, to a lot more people getting sick and to another surge of the virus, another surge of sicknesses.”

“The president is trying to impose artificial, politically motivated deadlines so that the economy can look good before the third quarter for the election,” he stated. “If that happens, we’ll simply get a lot — thousands and thousands of more people dead, and we can’t do that.”

Additionally, Nadler claimed that the United States’ testing is simply not at the quantity to reopen anything, counter Trump’s claims that the testing is more than there. The president said that the high number of confirmed cases — over one million — proves that the testing is adequate.


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