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Report: Justice Roberts Spotted Wearing $45,000 Watch During Trial That’s 1/5 Of Annual Salary

Over the course of the impeachment trial in the senate, Chief Justice John Roberts has been wearing a very expensive timepiece, per the experts at On The Dash.

According to numerous pictures that have been analyzed, Roberts is wearing a Patek Philippe Reference 5205G Annual Calendar watch, which goes for around $45,000 on various online stores.

This is a major expense for an individual who makes around $267,000 annually and has two mortgages, one of which is beachfront property on an island in Maine. This property is reported to have a $1 million dollar mortgage tied to the Wells Fargo registry, as BDN reports.

Here’s a photo of the watch:

“Another telltale of the Patek Philippe Reference 5205G is the skeletonized lugs. Study the photos of Chief Justice Roberts carefully, and you can see the unique geometry of the lugs. The hole through each lug is decorative, and the strap attaches by the usual holes and spring-bars,” OnTheDash writes.

OnTheDash calls Roberts’ watch a “big-boy watch.”

As for the impeachment process, it is expected that it will be wrapped up on Friday, as Republicans are confident they have the votes to block witnesses and acquit President Donald Trump.


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