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Report: Kaepernick Hasn’t Received A Single Call From an NFL Team Since His Workout

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who hasn’t played a single snap of football since the 2016 season, recently teamed with the NFL to showcase his talents in a combine-style workout, with all 32 NFL teams invited to send their scouts.

Bottom line: Kaepernick was very much looking for an NFL job.

Except things went from bad to worse for the player-turned-activist, as in what seems like true, attention-seeking Kaepernick form, at the last minute he essentially canceled the scheduled private workout and opted instead to put on a public workout with all of the media invited. This was set up at the very last minute at a high school football field about an hour away from the NFL-sponsored site in Atlanta.

Kaepernick’s crew said the changes were made because they were concerned with some of the rules that the NFL set in place for the private workout.

So, instead of scouts from 20+ teams showing up, as they were originally going to do if Kapernick would have just caught the proverbial bone that the NFL was throwing him by backing his private workout, all signs point to Kaepernick putting on a desperate attempt for more media coverage to advance whatever agenda it is that he has going these days.

Because of the bungled, last-minute changes and because he’s apparently more interested in making scenes, Breitbart reported that the former quarterback hasn’t received a single word of interest from any NFL team.

“In the week since Colin Kaepernick worked out for seven NFL teams at Charles R. Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia, no teams have reached out to work him out, visit with him or sign him, per sources,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted.

While that’s not super surprising, it actually kind of is. There was a LOT of hype leading up to his NFL-sponsored workout, with several big-name sports analysts predicting that as long as he still had the top-level talent, chances were pretty high that he would score a job, given the number of teams who’ve been banged up in the quarterback position this season.

Making matters worse for the original “kneel for the national anthem” social activist, he took a shot at the NFL after the whole ordeal.

“After completing his 40-minute workout on Nov. 16, Kaepernick said he’s ready for another opportunity and wants the league to ‘stop running” from him,” Schefter reported.

Kaepernick did receive some level of praise from the few teams/scouts who did watch him play (only 7 teams showed up to his last-minute high school football field workout) as he reportedly still has a strong throwing arm.

But as long as he continues to create drama at every possible turn, even after nearly three years of silence (aside from that whole Nike shoe thing), no team is going to take a chance on him.

Do you think Kaepernick will/should ever play in the NFL again? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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