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Report: Trump Supporters Camped Out 20 Hours Before Tonight’s Ohio Rally In Freezing Temps

Below-freezing temperatures won’t be stopping supporters of President Donald Trump.

Looking to secure the first place in line and a front-row seat for the president’s Toledo, Ohio rally, Trump fans are lining up early and often.

“Trump supporters camped out in Toledo 20 hours before rally begins,” journalist Jack Posobiec said, attaching a video of some of the extremely early attendees.

What’s equally impressive is the line that formed early this morning to the rally. Yes, 11 hours before the campaign stop, the line is already blocks long.

Check out the time-lapse footage:

Many folks have pointed out on Twitter that no Democratic candidates are getting near the traction that Trump is for these rallies and campaign events.

“I camped out 11 hours late for a Biden rally, and I was still the first person there,” one said jokingly.

President Trump plans numerous more “Keep America Great” rallies in 2020, which are expected to gather larger and larger audiences to each place he attends.

What do you think of the overnight campers for the Trump rally in Toledo, Ohio? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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