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Ronald Reagan’s Son Bashes Trump: ‘Traitorous President Who Is Betraying His Country’

Ronald Reagan was a stalwart for conservative values and the Republican party — his youngest son, Ron, is quite the opposite.

Ron Reagan did not mince words when discussing his feelings on President Donald Trump, saying that his father would think that Trump is “traitorous president who is betraying his country” in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Reagan continued, saying that his father would also be “embarrassed and ashamed” of what the Republican party has become under Trump.

“The Republican Party at this point, for a whole host of reasons to do with Donald Trump, is an entirely illegitimate political party just made up of a bunch of sycophantic traitors mouthing Kremlin propaganda to defend this squalid little man who is occupying the White House,” Reagan said. “This is a dying party. They either have to remake themselves entirely or they will disappear eventually. Within a decade the Republican Party will be a minor fringe group if it continues going this way.”

“My father would have been ashamed of this Republican Party. He would have been embarrassed and ashamed that a president of the United States was as incompetent and traitorous as the man occupying the White House now. He’s a disgrace to the office of the presidency,” he concluded.

Reagan was recently thrust into the spotlight after a controversial ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation aired at the most recent Democratic debate, in which he claims to be “an unabashed atheist” who is “not afraid of burning in hell.”

Here’s the ad:

He regularly appears as a contributor on MSNBC and was a former radio host for Air America Radio.


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