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Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has ‘Advanced’ Lung Cancer, Will Break From Show For Treatment

Conservative radio show host legend Rush Limbaugh made a bombshell announcement on his Monday show, telling his millions of listeners that he’s been diagnosed with an advanced form of lung cancer which will require him to miss broadcasts because of the treatment regimen.

“There are going to be days that I’m not going to be able to be here. Because I will be undergoing treatment,” Limbaugh said on Monday as he announced the unfortunate news.

Limbaugh has been a stalwart of conservative talk radio since 1988, when his show was nationally syndicated across the country, amassing millions of listeners and dedicated fans.

The radio star recently opined on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, blasting Democrats for the articles of impeachment they drafted against the president. He claims that Democrats fully understood that a guilty impeachment verdict was not possible, but impeached him anyway to “dirty” Trump’s name for the upcoming November presidential election.

“They know this. I believe they never thought they would actually be able to remove Trump from office via impeachment, either. I think as I’ve watched these things happen in the past, well, weeks and days, I think they obviously want to dirty Trump up. They want to put an asterisk next to his name. There’s some Clinton payback here as well,” Limbaugh said during a show earlier this month.


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