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Rush Limbaugh Reveals Hilarious Backstory To President Trump’s Last-Second SOTU Invitation

During a Friday broadcast, Rush Limbaugh explained the spontaneous, last-second invite from President Donald Trump to attend his third State of the Union Address.

The radio-show host said he was at the hospital getting ready to receive treatment for his recently-discovered “advanced” lung cancer when he was called up by the president.

“Rush! Rush! How you doing, buddy? Great to hear from you! Hey, look, what are you doing later today?” Rush said, narrating the call between him and Trump. “Well, look, what’s the doctor’s name? I want to call him and have him delay it for a couple days ’cause I need you down here tonight.”

Limbaugh went on, adding that Trump said, “Look, your health comes first; there’s no question. But can’t they just do half of what they’re gonna do and then send you down here? Believe me, you don’t want to miss this! It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great. You don’t want to miss this.”

Limbaugh chuckled at the idea of rescheduling his operation to see the SOTU, but was more than happy to do so. He and his wife moved the procedure to the next day before immediately heading back to find an outfit for him to wear at the address.

He then went on to discuss what happened when he arrived at the Capitol building.

“So, we were escorted into the room by Mrs. Trump, and we chat with her for two or three minutes, and then, the Trump family began to come in — Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, their wives, spouses, and then, the president came in and sat down and started talking about the award and the medal and what it means and how special it is and how thrilled he was that we were able to make it,” Limbaugh continued. “One of the reasons I was reluctant was I just wasn’t sure I deserved this. I mean, it’s the highest civilian honor that the country awards.”

While he was over-the-moon about receiving the Medal of Freedom award, Limbaugh said that wasn’t actually the most touching moment of his time in the House chamber. He was overwhelmed when Sgt. Townsend Williams reunited with his surprised wife and family, who thought he was still stationed overseas.

“That moment that he came down those steps? You have to have been there to understand the power of that moment,” Limbaugh concluded.

The talk-show host is expected to miss some days on the air as he undergoes numerous rounds of treatments.


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