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Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Does Not Attend President Trump’s State Of The Union

Thought the third time was the charm? Well, think again.

For the third year in a row, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has skipped attending the State of the Union held by President Donald Trump.

While the previous two SOTU’s came with reasons for her absence, there was no warning ahead of time that Bader-Ginsburg would not attend the Tuesday night gathering of all governmental branches.

In 2018, she opted to host a “fireside chat for students and faculty at the Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island,” according to NBC.

Last year, in 2019, she was recovering from health issues — she fractured three ribs from falling in her office in November 2018 and then had lung surgery on malignant modules just a month later.

For the 2020 SOTU, a reason for her absence has yet to be determined, as her staff has not yet released a statement about the decision not to attend.

Many people on Twitter are asking where the long-time justice is: commented on the lack of Bader-Ginsburg, even bringing up the fact that cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh made it.

“Rush Limbaugh made it to the #SOTU with advanced stage lung cancer, but no Ruth Ginsberg sighting,” tweeted.


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