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Sarah Sanders Points Out Surprise Benefit Of Pelosi Withholding The Impeachment Articles

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders may not be behind the podium in the press briefing room anymore, but that hasn’t stopped her from expressing her frustration over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handling of President Donald Trump’s impeachment situation.

According to Fox News, literally minutes before Pelosi finally buckled and said she would transmit the impeachment articles to the Senate for a proper trial, Sanders accused Pelosi of using the tactic as a “political play.”

“I think they made a huge mistake by trying to force this impeachment sham down America’s throats,” said Sanders during a Fox News interview, “and every single day we see that play out more and more.”

What’s The Benefit?

But Sanders also pointed out that Pelosi’s stall will end up heavily favoring Trump and his legal team, saying that it has given White House counsel Pat Cipollone “even more time to prepare.” That could spell big trouble for Democrats, as they already faced an uphill battle in getting anywhere in the Senate with Trump’s impeachment, given the chamber is controlled by some of Trump’s top Republican allies.

Sanders also pointed out that she believes Democrats made a huge mistake in attempting to impeach Trump, saying the process has “not worked out well for the Democrats.”

Before finally committing to sending the impeachment process to the Senate, Pelosi wrote a letter explaining why she chose to withhold the articles of impeachment for so long, citing the need to know the exact framework and rules that the Republican-controlled upper chamber would be using for the trial.

“It is important that he immediately publish his resolution, so that, as I have said before, we can see the arena in which we will be participating, appoint managers and transmit the articles to the Senate,” Pelosi wrote, before agreeing to send the articles over.

The Bigger Picture

But even with the potential benefit of Pelosi’s stall, Sanders looked at the bigger picture in politics moving forward, now that Democrats have essentially weaponized the impeachment process.

“This isn’t good for America to have this type of partisan political game,” she stated. “And the real concern I have is what happens in the future.”


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