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Schiff Scrambles, Completely Backtracks On The Possibility Of A Failed Impeachment Attempt

On Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff hit the news talk show circuit and while interviewing with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, he stated that if President Donald Trump isn’t convicted in the U.S. Senate — and chances are he won’t be — that the Democrat-led impeachment effort is still not a failure.

“At least it’s not a failure in the sense of our constitutional duty in the House,” Schiff said, according to Politico.

But the glaring issue with his most recent statement is that it contradicts a statement he previously made — back in March — on the consequences of a potential failed impeachment effort against Trump — which is exactly where the outcome appears to be headed.

Here’s what Schiff — who was one of the original Democrats against Trump’s impeachment (prior to the Ukraine debacle) — said in March, just eight months ago.

“The only thing worse than putting the country through the trauma of impeachment is putting the country through the trauma of a failed impeachment,” Schiff said.

As Stephanopoulos called Schiff out on this seeming 180-degree stance flip, the California lawmaker already had his justifications for changing positions ready to go.

“I will tell you what changed my mind, George, because you’re right; I resisted going down this road toward impeachment,” Schiff said. “But it was two things. It was the discovery of the most egregious conduct to date.”

“It was one thing when the president invited foreign interference as a candidate, when he couldn’t use the power of his office to make it so,” Schiff explained. “It was another when, as president of the United States, he withheld hundreds of millions of dollars to coerce an ally, betray our national security and try to cheat in the next election. That was not something we could turn away from.”

Schiff went on to say that the process is now a “vote of conscience” and then slammed Republicans for not doing their “constitutional duty.”

The House is expected to formally vote this week on whether or not to impeach the president and send the process to the U.S. Senate for a trial, where, given that the Senate is controlled by the GOP, the trial is likely to be all but dismissed.


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