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Schumer’s Attempt To Alter Senate Impeachment Rules Is Shot Down In Official Senate Vote

As President Donald Trump’s legal team presented opening arguments against the Democrat-led effort to impeach and remove the president from office, Democrats attempted to modify the rules of the trial with a number of amendments, proposed by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

According to The Hill, Schumer attempted to compel the White House to turn over documents that dealt with a number of communications that took place between White House and administration officials with Ukraine over the $400 military aid package promised to the country by the United States — a package which Democrats claim Trump withheld in order to pressure Ukraine for political ammunition against former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted on Tuesday, during the impeachment trial, to table Schumer’s proposed amendment with a 53-47 vote.

Schumer explained to media reporters shortly before the vote that the documents were crucial for Democrats to make their case.

“No one can argue that these documents are not directly related … People should understand that the documents can shed as much light on why the aid was cut off, who did it,” the Minority Leader said.

“The documents are of equal importance. People should understand that the documents can shed as much light on why the aid was cut off, who did it, and how it evolved, as the witnesses. And we feel very strongly that we need documents and that’s why it’s our first call,” he added.

The appointed House managers of the impeachment trial reportedly urged senators from both sides of the political aisle to back Schumer’s amendment, but to no avail.

The amendment attempt is one of many that are expected to be presented by Democrats to force a vote on, but no further details were available about additional amendments they currently have on the table. To pass any of the proposed amendments, four Republican senators would need to break rank with the party and side with Democrats for a simple majority vote.

So far, there’s no indication that any GOP senators have plans of breaking and siding with Democrats, although there have been rumors that there may be a small handful considering it on a case-by-case basis.



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