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Schumer Pivots From Trump, Attacks Fox News During Senate Impeachment Trial

For the second day in a row, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed Fox News during a press conference amid Thursday’s impeachment proceedings.

The New York Senator, Mediate reports, accused the sole right-leaning cable news network of misleading or selectively edited coverage of the ongoing trial of President Donald Trump.

“Tuesday was a discussion over amendment votes but yesterday the managers got to lay out their case uninterrupted,” Schumer said during a briefing with reporters Thursday morning.

“As manager-after-manager stepped up to lay out the evidence amassed against the president in precise and devastating detail, the atmosphere of the Senate took on an entirely different dimension,” Schumer continued.

He went on to argue that his colleagues may not be aware of the “full story” of the accusations on which his party’s House caucus has based the impeachment charges.

“It may have been the first time that many of my Republican colleagues heard the full story, the complete narrative from start to finish, uninterrupted and not filtered through the kaleidoscope lens of Fox News, where at best things are left out, and at worst things are terribly distorted,” Schumer said, before adding, “It may have planted the first seed in their minds that yes, perhaps the president did something very wrong here.”

The impressed and left-leaning Mediaite remarked that the employment of the word “kaleidoscope” was “arguably got off the sickest burn ever.”

Schumer later tweeted out a clip of his own press conference, complaining that his colleagues still refused to allow new witnesses.

“The same Republicans saying they heard nothing new yesterday voted 9 times on Tuesday against new witnesses and documents coming before the Senate. Let me repeat that: The same Republicans saying they “heard nothing new” just voted 9 times on Tuesday to hear nothing new!” he stated.

Just one day prior, Schumer had taken aim at Fox News network, which consistently rates quite favorably among the major cable news networks, noting that Trump’s impeachment defense team’s “histrionics” overlapped unfavorably with the network’s prime time lineup of opinion shows.

“White House counsel resorted to the kind of histrionics you see on Fox News evening broadcasts rather than any sober-minded argument that could persuade thoughtful senators,” Schumer said on Wednesday.



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