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Schumer’s 2nd Vote As Senator Was To Not Allow Witnesses At Clinton Impeachment

In the last month, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has rebuked White House counsel and Republican senators numerous times for their calls to reject additional witnesses at the impeachment trial.

However, facing nearly the same situation during Bill Clinton’s 1999 impeachment trial, Schumer elected to vote against a motion that would allow witnesses to attend.

And it was the second vote he ever cast in the senate, having just been sworn into office two weeks prior.

The motion Schumer voted on was initiated by former Sen. Tom Harkin, who proposed suspending the rules related to allowing witnesses — like Monica Lewinsky and others — to the stand to testify.

Schumer and his Democrat colleagues voted in favor of suspending the rules, with the final vote being 57-43, according to records.

Now, during the impeachment debacle surrounding President Donald Trump, Schumer is vowing to “force” votes on obtaining witnesses for the trial.

“We Democrats aim to get the truth,” Schumer said in a press conference last week, according to Fox News. “Make no mistake about it, we will force votes on witnesses and documents, and it will be up to four republicans to side with the Constitution, to side with our democracy, to side with rule of law, and not side, in blind obeisance, to President Trump and his desire to suppress the truth.”

Democrats are looking to subpoena individuals like former national security advisor John Bolton, along with White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

Some Republicans, like Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, have alluded to wanting to hear from additional witnesses. Ultimately, if Democrats want to hear from additional people, they’ll need to secure four votes in their favor from GOP senators.


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