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SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Slams Dems, Says Trump Was Right To Blow Up Soleimani

Former SEAL Team Six member Robert O’Neill, who shot Osama Bin Laden in a counter-terrorism operation in Pakistan, is very happy about President Donald Trump’s decision to eliminate Iranian military leaders in Iraq.

In a tweet about Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, he said, “If blowing him up was wrong… I don’t want to be right.”

In a separate tweet, O’Neill said, “Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice… Anything worth shooting twice deserves a hellfire up his ass.”

Over the last 24 hours, numerous Democrats have come out in opposition to Trump’s decisive and swift action against Iran, with Sen. Tim Kaine even starting a motion to have Trump’s presidential power curbed so that congress can have more input.

Other Democrats, like Democratic front-runner Joe Biden, are wanting to know what Trump plans to do next — and if he even has plans at all.

But, Trump responded to his critics at a press conference, saying that his move against Iranian leaders was to “stop a war,” not start one.

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