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Sen. Rick Scott Sends Blistering Message To Pelosi: ‘She’s Scared To Death’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been holding on to articles of impeachment for the past few days and is expected to until at least the new year.

And Florida Sen. Rick Scott has a curt message for the her.

According to Breitbart, during Friday’s broadcast of “Fox News Reporting,” Scott said the the Senate would rather not deal with the politically-loaded impeachment debacle of the House, adding that if Pelosi doesn’t send impeachment articles, the Senate won’t worry about it.

Scott said, “So, if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to send it, break our hearts. I mean, the Senate didn’t want this on their lap anyway. … We wanted to get things done for the American public, pass budgets, reduce drug prices, focus on securing the border. But this is something she created, and now she — I think she just realizes that this is bad for their elections. And so, I think she’s scared to death of sending it. But, if she does, we’ll deal with it. If she doesn’t, we won’t.”

Technically, Pelosi could retain a vice-grip on the articles of impeachment and never send them to the Senate.

She says she hasn’t seen anything “fair” coming from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with regard to how the impeachment trial in the Senate will be structured and is attempting to strong-arm her agenda to the senate.

On Friday, President Donald Trump claimed that Pelosi is committing quid pro quo in keeping the articles of impeachment, saying, “Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo in the Senate. Why aren’t we impeaching her?”

What do you think of Sen. Rick Scott’s message to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share on Facebook and Twitter.


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