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Singer Cardi B Threatens To Move To Nigeria After Trump’s Missile Strike

It seems American gameshow “Celebrities Threatening to Leave the United States over Trump” is hitting round two.

Three years after numerous celebrities — including Al Sharpton, Cher, Barbara Streisand, and others — promised to leave the United States should President Donald Trump’s win the 2016 election, we can now add Cardi B to the mix.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old singer concluded that it wasn’t worth being in New York City should American and Iran go to war against each other. She said she would be filing for a Nigerian citizenship.

“Naaaaa these memes are f—in … but s— ain’t no joke ! Specially being from New York,” Cardi B wrote, referring to the World War III memes that have been trending.

She continued, “Its sad this man is putting Americans live in danger. Dumbest move Trump did till date …I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship.”

Whether or not she was kidding, she’s being treated very serious by some.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, former member of the Nigeria Federal House of Representatives and chair of the Nigerians In Diaspora Commission, welcomed Cardi B, saying, “As one in charge of the Diaspora for Ngr, We can’t wait to receive you again. Our doors are open, sister. And you need to talk a walk through the Door of Return in Badagry . It’s an indescribable experience.”

What do you think of celebrities threatening to leave the United States over president Trump’s policies and actions? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our poll below.


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