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Small Georgia Town Helps Homeless Vets By Building Them Neighborhood Of ‘Tiny Homes’

Most Americans agree that if anyone in this country doesn’t deserve to be homeless, it’s the military veterans who have — at one point — signed a blank check backed with their lives for this great United States.

Homelessness is a rapidly growing issue in the most prosperous nation in the world and that’s especially true with the rising number of homeless people who also happen to be U.S. military veterans.

Luckily though, there are quite a few people around the country trying to do something to rectify that problem, and a small city in Georgia seems to be leading the way by offering homeless veterans a safe and comfortable place to live and thrive.

According to WSBTV, Nine-Line Foundation is partnering with Golden Isles Veterans Village to build a “tiny home” village in Brunswick, Georgia to house homeless military veterans.

“I know we have a sizable homeless group of people here and a number of them are veterans and a number of them come to the Manna House,” Pastor Peter Vivencio said. He volunteers his time to help out homeless vets in his city.

The city of Brunswick donated the land to build a series of “tiny homes” for the homeless vets  and it will also include a community center, which will likely provide new and previously unaccessible resources for the vets to help get their lives back on the right track.

“This is what we need to do, God’s called us to do this to help the least of us,” Vivencio said of the project.

Over $180,000 worth of materials to build the homes and the community center have been donated so far and the homes are being assembled by a group of high school volunteers out of Illinois.

Currently, there are roughly 50,000 homeless veterans across the United States. Hopefully, more towns across the country follow Brunswick’s example to help make a dent in this tragic, growing issue.


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