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Social Media Roasts Mike Bloomberg After ‘Disgusting’ Finger-Licking Video Emerges

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a massively wealthy 2020 candidate who has spent nearly half of a billion dollars to make headway in the 2020 presidential election, took quite a bit of social media heat on Tuesday after a video emerged of him licking his fingers during a communal pizza party event.

Donald Trump Jr. was one of the first high-profile names to comment on the bizarre video, which shows Bloomberg tearing off a slice of pizza, downing it in a single bite and then sucking the leftovers off of several of his fingers before touching a box of coffee — all while America pays close attention to personal hygiene amid the growing threat of the spread of Coronavirus.

“Truly disgusting! Also shows that #Bloomberg has never been around other people in a communal work space,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote. “The fact that he and his ‘influencers’ put this out thinking it normalizes him is even scarier.”

You can watch Bloomberg’s finger-licking video below:

President Donald Trump even joined in on the mocking of the billionaire former mayor in a Tuesday afternoon tweet.

“Mini Mike, don’t lick your dirty fingers. Both unsanitary and dangerous to others and yourself!,” the president wrote.

Bloomberg took even more flak for the video given that it came out just a day after he stressed to the public the importance of extra hand-washing amid the Coronavirus scare.

“This is the man who is going to help fight the coronavirus?!?! Watch him rip this pizza apart, put back the remains, lick his fingers, and then touch the box of coffee. Gross! Drop out Bloomberg!” one twitter user wrote.

The video made the rounds Tuesday night as Bloomberg began suffering early losses in some of the Super Tuesday voting states, with former Vice President Joe Biden hanily beating him in a handful of early-results states.


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