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Stephanopolous Caught Making ‘Kill’ Gesture While Trump Defense Attorney Was Talking

Good Morning America host George Stephanopolous didn’t appear to appreciate ABC showing a prolonged clip of Trump defense attorney Jay Sekulow speaking to reporters after his opening statement at the impeachment trial.

According to NewsBuster’s Tim Graham, Stephanopolous made a “slit-the-throat” gesture while Sekulow was talking and the camera cut a bit too quickly, revealing the ABC host caught in the act.

He tried to smile it off, but the damage was done.

“Shortly after 3 pm Eastern this afternoon, @AoSHQ noted Stephanopoulos was shown on camera making the slit-the-throat “kill” gesture to cut away from Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow taking press questions. These guys are NOT going to like hearing the Trump side of this trial,” Graham said.

During Sekulow’s speech, he countered the House managers’ numerous, 2-hour-long speeches by saying it “undercuts” their argument for additional witnesses.

“We just went through two and a half hours of laying out their case to go with the 11 hours laying out their case last night. Unless he’s making it up, it seems like he’s got a lot of information, so proceed with your case,” Sekulow said. “The more they do this two-and-a-half hour events at a time, it undercuts their entire argument.”

President Donald Trump lauded his defense team, saying they’re doing “very well.”

“We’re doing very well,” he told reporters before leaving the World Economic Forum, when asked about the trial. “Honestly, we have all the material. They don’t have the material.”


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