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Dear readers,

As you probably are aware, independent and opinion journalists (especially of a particular partisan nature) are constantly battling big-tech’s avalanche of regulations and blatant censorship, making it more difficult by the day to keep the virtual lights on.

Support independent journalismWe take pride in reporting the news that we think is important and that oftentimes is buried by higher powers. Unfortunately, these kind of restrictions make it nearly impossible for small publishers, like us, to bring in the appropriate level of revenue to keep the operation funded and well-oiled.

With your help — we can absolutely change that. We can make sure small publishers have their voices heard. Sites like ours often are the first to report massive, breaking stories. We need to have the power to do that without the worry of financial stress.

All donations, whether small or enormous, go a LONG way in our fight to stay alive. If you would consider helping us out, I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart that we would be forever grateful and also tell you that your donation is more important for the freedom of the press than you could ever imagine.

Use our Contact form to get in touch with us for a PayPal donation link if you wish to contribute.


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