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Opinion: Susan Collins Votes With Dems For Witnesses. It’s Time For America To Vote Her Out.

Despite the impeachment of President Donald Trump being a partisan circus since day one, the GOP senator from Maine — Susan Collins — cast her vote in support for more witnesses to attend the trial and prolong the Democrat witch-hunt.

And while this is the year Collins happens to be up for re-election, there’s a small problem with replacing her with a more conservative senator…

There are zero Republicans challenging her in a primary.

That’s right, the Republican party in Maine is seemingly fine with a spineless moderate that’s neck-deep in Washington D.C. politics causing a panic in the GOP every time a closely-contested vote is looming.

So, while Collins continues to vote against Trump on crucial issues — like increased border security, stopping federal funding of abortion, and rolling back regulations — she’s followed Democrats and their political pipe-dream of removing a duly-elected president.

Early in Trump’s presidency, congress wasted more than two years on a nothing-burger that was the Russian collusion investigation headed up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Now, congress has wasted months on an impeachment process that was doomed from the get-go.

Trump was never going to be impeached by the Senate. Democrats knew that. Collins knew that. But they still strung us out for a ride we didn’t ask for and left America with the bill.

Despite all of this, the Maine senator still wanted to continue with witnesses? It’s a vote that’s honestly as mind-boggling as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to delay “urgent” impeachment articles for over a month.

And don’t take my word for it — FiveThirtyEight shows that Collins, in the last congressional session, has voted in agreement with Trump just 38.7 percent of the time. Nearly 2 of every 3 votes she submits is counter to the values of her Republican colleagues and president.

Having been in the senate since 1997, Collins has been corrupted by special-interest swamp monsters, pressured by the liberal media, and been headstrong in her holier-than-thou ideals.

While it’s past time for new blood in Maine, we might have to wait another six years.

But America can start the campaign to remove Collins today.


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