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Ted Cruz: Elizabeth Warren’s Senate ‘Stunt’ Helped Trump Win The Impeachment Battle

Sen. Ted Cruz credited Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to make headlines with a question at the Senate impeachment trial for the reason President Donald Trump was able to defeat his impeachment — a question that was so shocking, it even momentarily stunned Chief Justice John Roberts as he read it aloud.

According to Daily Wire, Warren’s question left such a sour taste in the collective mouths of senators in the room, that it changed Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s mind on the matter of calling impeachment witnesses — a move she was almost assuredly going to back before she heard the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s question.

“At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government,” Roberts said, reading Warren’s question, “does the fact that the chief justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the Supreme Court, or Constitution?”

During Cruz’s new Verdict podcast on Friday night, Cruz argued that Warren’s question helped secure Trump’s acquittal and helped defeat the call for further witnesses.

“Elizabeth Warren helped defeat the impeachment of the president of the United States,” the Texas senator stated. “That stunt helped deliver the votes of Lisa and Lamar.”

By “Lisa” and “Lamar,” Cruz was referring to the two senators — Sen. Lamar Alexander and Murkowski — who were leaning heavily toward voting with Democrats on the matter of calling witnesses — a vote that, if passed, would have meant an extended trial of potentially many weeks.

Warren’s question, which seemingly undermined the Supreme Court and the Constitution itself, not only seemed to flip Murkowski’s stance, but it was such a bombshell that Murkowski issued a blistering statement in response, saying it has “become clear some of my colleagues intend to further politicize this process, and drag the Supreme Court into the fray, while attacking the Chief Justice.”

“I will not stand for nor support that effort. We have already degraded this institution for partisan political benefit, and I will not enable those who wish to pull down another,” she said. “We are sadly at a low point of division in this country,” Murkowski added.

Not only did Warren’s question backfire on her entire party, the Massachusetts senator is also struggling in the polls, falling behind New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg and others in a variety of polls.


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