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Teen Mocked By Rapper For Not Saying ‘F*** Trump’ On Stage Finally Speaks Out: I Forgive You

Last October, a teenager was asked to come on-stage by a popular rapper and sing the words to his controversial “F*** Trump” song.

When the teen didn’t sign along, rapper Keenon “YG” Jackson and the crowd mocked him mercilessly, to the point security had to escort him out for his own protection.

On Saturday, the teen revealed his identity to be Austin Joyner, simultaneously releasing a stunning rebuttal, testament to free speech, and forgiveness toward YG.

Here’s what he said in the first part of his letter:

My name is Austin, and I was the 17 year old YG kicked off stage. To anyone reading this, here are the facts:

  1. I did not attend a “YG concert.” I went to the 2-day Mala Luna music festival held in San Antonio, TX on Oct 26 & 27, 2019. YG was just one of many performers at the festival.
  2. I was not a YG fan. I didn’t even know who he was until my friends and I looked him up on Spotify just before he came on stage.
  3. I had heard about the “F*ck Donald Trump” song before in 2016 on the news, but I did not know who sang it.
  4. Many social media websites and supposed news outlets decided they had me all figured out, and without even trying to search for the facts, sites such as TMZ posted garbage about me and this story. Thank you to those who didn’t judge my character based on stories you saw on the internet.
  5. Yes, I know this has passed and people have moved on, but I’ve prayed about this for a while and have asked God for discernment and the right path to take to address this. I believe this note is the best way.
  6. My 18th birthday was Sunday, October 27. I was planning to celebrate with three friends that weekend at the festival, but obviously, I didn’t attend the Sunday show.

Later in the letter, he said: “As Americans, we have Freedom of Speech, and while I may not agree with YG’s hatred towards President Trump, as a citizen, he’s allowed to say what he wants. However, he crossed a line when he singled me out for not singing along and tried to humiliate me and get the entire crown to turn against me in a threatening manner. Every person is entitled to their own beliefs, unfortunately not everyone respects that.”

In the second and last page of his letter, he spoke directly to YG, saying he had been working for months to forgive him before forgiving him completely earlier this month.

“It has taken me a few months for me to fully forgive you, but I did not want to respond to the incident until I did forgive. I forgave you on January 4, 2020,” Joyner wrote. “I really don’t want to hold on to those type of feelings. Because God created you with purpose, Keenon Jackson has the power to do great things in this world, I’m speaking it into existence.”

He concluded with: ” You have the potential to become a man who loves/cherishes his wife and children, protects them, and treats them with utmost respect and stands up for people who are weak. Ultimately, that’s how real men behave … I hope you take advantage of the opportunity you have.”

What do you think of Joyner’s decision to come forward and forgive rapper YG? Let us know in the omments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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