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Texas Church Hero On Mass Shootings: ‘It’s Not A Firearms Issue, It’s A Person Issue’

Jack Wilson, the Texas church hero who took out an active shooter at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, last month, has a pointed warning for a nation in hot debate over the Second Amendment. 

“Without the Second Amendment, in my opinion — very strongly — you will lose all of your rights,” said Wilson in a Turning Point USA video, released Sunday. “The firearm is not the evil thing, the person behind it is either good or evil. It’s not a firearm issue, it is a person issue.”

Last week, Breitbart notes, Wilson was awarded The Governor’s Medal of Courage by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“From the time the individual turned with the gun in his hand, to when it was over was a total of six seconds,” Wilson said of the harrowing attack on his congregation on December 29th. 

“When the individual came into the building, it was obvious that he did have a wig and a fake beard on,” Wilson continued.

“We were watching the individual. I had gone into the audio-visual room and actually had them put a camera — one of the cameras specifically on the individual, just to observe and watch,” he explained. 

“The individual got up and went back and talked briefly to Tony, and that’s when he turned with the shotgun,” he added. “He had pulled a shotgun out of his pocket, or coat — and then by that time, Richard and I were both drawing our firearms.”

Wilson continued, recounting the fateful day that he saved countless lives inside of the church:

Richard told him, “Drop the gun, drop the gun.” He shot Richard, immediately turned and shot Tony Wallace. I had people in front of me that prevented me from taking a body shot — a torso shot — and the only shot I had was the head shot. When I took the head shot, the subject went down. From the time the individual turned with the gun in his hand, to when it was over was a total of six seconds.

“It doesn’t start at that moment that you need to be able to protect yourself,” Wilson said. “You have to learn to use a firearm that you’re comfortable with, become proficient with it, train with it.”

Wilson credits God for the role he played taking down the shooter, while he spoke of the grief due to the loss of two of his friends at the church that day.

“God gave me the training, gave me the mindset to be able to stop the situation,” he explained. “We are all in mourning for the loss of Richard and Tony, and the congregation is in mourning for them, and also trying to understand and deal with what happened.”

The hero pointed out that he felt like he dispatched evil that day, as opposed to simply killing a bad guy with a gun.

“But I don’t feel like I killed an individual,” he added. “I killed evil. I took out evil.”


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