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Opinion: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was A Disgusting, Talentless, Classless, R-Rated Act

There were stripper poles, pelvic thrusts, and hyper-sexualized outfits.

If it weren’t part of the most-watched annual music event in America, it’d be just another strip club scene out of an R-rated Hollywood movie.

There was twerking, shaking, and grinding.

It was a talentless affair, with more erotic dancing than actual singing. Remember the halftimes when Michael Jackson brought down the house in 1993? Or the spectacular performance by Bruno Mars, who paid tribute to legendary soul singer/songwriter James Brown? Or when Prince played Purple Rain — in the rain?

Where was the talent and gifted musical abilities that landed Columbian singer Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the biggest halftime show in world? It wasn’t there — not even close.

There was an 11-year-old girl right in the middle of all of it.

To close out the absurdly raunchy halftime show, Lopez brought out her daughter —¬†Emme Maribel — to sing. It would have been more touching if her newly-engaged mother didn’t just allow a no-name rapper to rub himself on her for the sake of “entertainment.”

But a single, 11-year-old girl being exposed to an overly-sexualized performance is just a small part of the problem. The Nielsen ratings consistently show that millions of kids between the ages of two and 11 watch the big game.

How many TVs had to be turned off in America to protect their innocent eyes? On the contrary, how young kids sat through the entire performance?

Families and football fans didn’t tune into the biggest annual sporting event in the world in order to be subject to soft-core smut. They wanted to watch a good game.

Additionally, what Shakira, Lopez, and their crew did just exacerbated the societal numbing of hyper-sexualized content. If pole-dancing that’s broadcasted to millions of people — and children — around the world is okay, then what’s not?

And in a world where the secret sin of online debauchery is the fastest growing industry and highly-watched Super Bowl halftime shows are barely any better, it’s safe to say we’ve not only lost our grip on morality, but have set it ablaze.

The NFL should be held accountable for allowing such a trashy, classless halftime performance to take place. They are better than this.


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