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The View Cuts Off Alan Dershowitz After He Delivers Facts About Trump Impeachment

On Wednesday, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz — who’s part of President Donald Trump’s defense team — appeared on The View to talk about the impeachment proceedings.

And things got messy quickly.

The hosts on The View disagreed with Dershowitz from the beginning, with Joy Behar eventually calling his argument “baloney” a couple times. Later on in the interview, Whoopi Goldberg cut him off when he began going into the history of the impeachment process, citing other cases to support his argument that Trump committed no impeachable offenses.

“In 18…,” Dershowitz began saying before Goldberg jumped in, interrupting him. “Ok, wait, wait, wait,” Goldberg stated. “Alan, you know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the seas blue but listen, I need us to move on.”

Dershowitz fired back that he wouldn’t move on unless he provided the full, historical picture of impeachment. “You’re not going to get any time because you got four people trying to ask you questions,” she responded.

Dershowitz continued anyways, saying that because Trump is in office, academics are altering their stance on impeachment. “Shortly after the Constitution was enacted, the dean of Columbia Law School said that the weight of authority was in favor of it being a crime,” he said.

“Now, the academics all say it isn’t. Why? Because Donald Trump is being impeached. If Hillary Clinton was being impeached, they’d all be on my side,” Dershowitz stated.

Behar retorted: “That’s just baloney, that’s just baloney.”

After a moment of talking over each other, Goldberg eventually told Dershowitz, “I’m moving you on or I’m cutting you off — one or the other is going to happen.”


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