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Trump Admin Issues Final Blow To Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was best known — whether in a good or bad light — for implementing progressive, healthy lunch programs in schools around the nation.

But now, under President Donald Trump’s administration, the Department of Agriculture is looking to put an end to the mandated veggies and fruits that Michelle Obama helped implement in favor of quicker, “grab and go” lunches, according to the Washington Examiner.

This new proposal would effectively eliminate the eight years of work by both former President Barack Obama and his wife, slashing USDA requirements that demand schools “offer more fruits and vegetables, abolish trans fats, serve only low-fat milk, and cut back on sodium.”

So, expect a warm welcome by school kids across America to more “fun foods” like hamburgers and pizza, as restrictions for external, non-cafeteria food will be cut in half according to Acting Deputy Under Secretary Brandon Lipps.

Additionally, the proposal provides more freedom to schools and “streamlines” the administrative process, allowing places of education to make the best decision for their students.

“Streamlining administrative review requirements based on past performance, decreasing burden for experienced operators so they can focus on their main mission — serving children,” the proposal says.

It continue, saying, “Increasing flexibility in the ‘vegetable subgroups’ requirements for school lunches by giving schools flexibilities that help them increase vegetable consumption.”

For example, they would put potatoes in the vegetable category, which would allow more things like french fries and mashed potatoes.

This latest cutback by the USDA falls in line with Trump’s ultimate plan to reduce federal regulation across the board — even in the cafeterias that tens of millions of children visit almost every day.


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