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Trump Border Experiment Works As Illegal Crossings Drop A Whopping 94% In Test Sector

In May 2019, arrests by the Border Patrol at the Yuma sector hit its peak at 14,000.

But just five months later, it dropped a stunning 94 percent to below 800 arrests.

The difference? A successful experiment by the Trump administration and Department of Homeland Security that makes sure all asylum seekers and migrants wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. court.

Anthony Porvaznik, chief of the Border Patrol’s Yuma sector, stated that this new experimental program — the Migration Protection Protocols — has been a massive deterrent to illegal immigration, based on interviews by agents with people arrested.

“Their whole goal was to be released into the United States, and once that was taken off the shelf for them, and they couldn’t be released into the United States anymore, then that really diminished the amount of traffic that came through here,” Porvaznik stated.

Fox 40 reports that his new policy is expected to be rolled out to other sectors in the near future.

This news comes weeks after the Trump administration cracked down on another area of illegal immigration, issuing an order that weekly plane trips by the DHS would bring captured illegals 1,000 miles into Guadalajara, Mexico

Normally, illegals are released right at the border — this new move would give them quite a trek back to the U.S. southern border.

Additionally, the president had a plaque made last week in celebration of his first 100 miles of walls built. He had help from numerous parties to get the upgraded border security through, particularly having billions in military funds diverted to the DHS to finance the massive undertaking.


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