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Trump Administration To Begin Deporting Mexican Nationals Deeper Into Mexico To Prevent Re-Entry

One of the primary problems with deportation on the Southern U.S. Border is that, traditionally, illegal immigrants originating from Mexico were basically handed back across the border, making it ridiculously easy for them to gain re-entry, if desired. Of course, that only exacerbated the growing problem of illegal immigration.

But according to The Daily Caller, Mexican nationals who are caught and ordered for deportation will now be sent much deeper into their home country to help mitigate the number of those who attempt to repeatedly cross into the United States illegally.

As a matter of fact, U.S. federal officers have begun deporting illegal immigrants as far south as Guatemala, making a return trip to the United States highly unlikely.

The effort for deep deportation is officially known as Interior Repatriation Initiative, and is a joint effort by both the American government and the government of Mexico. The program seemed to gain new life on Thursday as the announcement was made to reinstate it.

And while the deeper deportation measures will likely be attacked by pro-illegal immigrant Democrats, the program is actually much safer for those who are caught and deported — especially for women and children — as it takes them out of Mexican border towns, which tends to be the most dangerous and crime-ridden areas of the country.

“The Interior Repatriation Initiative (IRI) reflects our commitment and ongoing bilateral effort with the government of Mexico to ensure strong, humane and effective enforcement of both nations’ immigration laws,” ICE acting Director Matt Albence said in a Thursday statement.

“The protocols we have in place for IRI flights continue to ensure that those repatriated to Mexico are returned in a safe and expeditious manner, and closer to their homes, to discourage future attempts to cross the border,” he added.

Under the new program, ICE will fly those who are caught and ordered for deportation to the Guadalajara International Airport, which is already deep inside Mexico, where they will be handed off to Mexican government officials to be sent even deeper into the country.

Do you think this program is a useful tool in the Trump administration’s fight to gain control over the illegal immigration crisis? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote in our daily poll below!


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