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Trump Economy Not Slowing Down As Jobless Claims Plummet Again

During the 2016 campaign, President Donald Trump promised Americans that he’d be winning so much that people would “get tired of winning” under his administration.

Three years into office, he’s still winning — and Americans are not tired of it yet.

According to Breitbart, the jobless claims around the country took a surprising fall last week, the final date being November 23.

The number of Americans that filed for state unemployment benefits plummeted by 15,000 to 213,000, per the Labor Department’s recent calculation. Economists around the nation were surprised, as they were projecting a number much smaller than 15,000.

The Labor Department reported that the week prior to the 15,000 decline, claims were up by only 1,000, landing at 228,000 Americans filing for unemployment.

“The drop in claims is significant because claims had been rising in the two prior weeks,” Breitbart’s John Carney said. “Many economists expect claims, which are a proxy for layoffs, to climb because they view employment as likely to peak soon given the extremely low levels of unemployment and sluggishness in business investment and the manufacturing sector.”

Carney continued, stating that “Jobless claims can be volatile week-to-week. Economists prefer to look at the four-week average of claims as a more reliable indicator of the labor market. This figure moved down by 1,000 to 220,000.”

Trump’s economy — which has yielded higher median household incomes, lower taxes, and better paychecks — is going to be tough for Democrats to slander come the 2020 election, as most Americans are better off today than they were when Obama was in office.

Additionally, voting blocs that have been typically Democrat strongholds have seen some of the best times under the 45th president. Black voters, for example, have seen their community thrive with the lowest unemployment in recorded history, along with a staggering increase in black-owned business starting up.

It’s showing in the polls as well, with Trump having a whopping 34 percent approval rating amongst likely black voters.

Will Democrats find any edge on Trump with regard to the economy? Or will the president continue to steamroll through with economic records?


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