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Instagram Users Lose Their Minds After Trump Jr. Shows Off New ‘Prison Hillary’ AR-15 Mag

Donald Trump Jr. managed to grab a handful of anti-gunner outrage on Twitter Sunday after the avid hunter posted an image of a clever and apparently controversial custom magazine for one of his AR-15 rifles.

According to Daily Caller, Trump Jr. posted several pictures on his official Instagram account of him holding the rifle, with the new magazine clearly showing an image of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holding her hands on prison bars.

“Nice day at the range. @rarebreedfirearms and @spikes_tactical adding a little extra awesome to my AR and that mag…” Trump Jr. wrote, as he proudly showed off the new magazine decor.


The image is a reference to the “Lock Her Up!” chant that was heard frequently during President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign — especially at his famous MAGA rallies, where the crowds would go bonkers at the first mention of the former first lady.

The pictures of the Hillary Clinton prison magazine received tremendous feedback on both ends of the spectrum. Fellow gun enthusiasts and supporters of Trump Jr. and his father were quick to compliment the new addition to an already decked-out AR-15.

One user commented: “That mag is offensive, it’s existence is for the sole purpose of use in a weapon and upsetting Mrs Clinton and her followers…I’ll take 5”

“Love the old hag on the mag,” another user wrote.

But the negative feedback was just as thick, with some users mocking Trump for his hunting activities and others spewing hate presumably because he’s the son of the president.

“Your dad behind bars that’s the best one I seen so far. Where do get your material? The world needs to know how funny you are!” one angry user wrote.

“Are u getting ready to go fight Iran 🇮🇷 or u are just making fun, laughing at innocent men and women who are about to die because your Father decisions …” another angry user wrote.

Let us know what you think about Trump Jr.’s new AR-15 magazine in the comments below!


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