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Trump Mocks Cory Booker’s Exit From Race, Twitter Gives Him New Nickname: ‘Departacus’

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker — a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who never managed to gain enough momentum for his campaign to make any measurable mark in the polls, dropped out of the race on Monday morning, citing money problems as his main setback.

Not unexpectedly, President Donald Trump opined on his thoughts about Booker’s exit from the race. Trump completely slammed the outspoken, anti-Trump Democrat and held nothing back in the process.

“Really Big Breaking News (Kidding): Booker, who was in zero polling territory, just dropped out of the Democrat Presidential Primary Race. Now I can rest easy tonight. I was sooo concerned that I would someday have to go head to head with him!” Trump tweeted on Monday morning.

Of course, Trump’s tweet was pure sarcasm, as Booker never really stood a chance at ever competing with the president in a head-to-head matchup.

Adding on to the pile were thousands of Twitter users, who mocked and teased Booker’s departure from the race, even though it was mostly expected to happen sooner than later, given the candidate’s money issues.

We have to give one Twitter user the “nickname of the day” award, as she renamed Cory “Spartacus” Booker, “Departacus.”

Diamond and Silk — two of Trump’s top ambassadors on social media, also weighed in on Booker’s exit.

“Cory Booker finally suspended his campaign. Spartacus should’ve never gotten in the race in the first place!” Diamond and Silk tweeted. 

Hermain Cain even joined in on the fun, saying it would be difficult for America to cope with such a loss.

“America shall simply have to find ways to cope with this tragic news. It will take time, but one day… far in the future… we will get through this,” Cain tweeted.

Others on Twitter reignited a conspiracy that mysterious forces are slowly knocking “people of color” who are running for the White House out of the race, Booker being the latest to go following the recent exit of California Sen. Kamala Harris and Julian Castro.

Booker, who was already struggling in the polls, failed to meet the DNC qualification criteria to appear on stage at the upcoming seventh Democratic primary debate. He would have also been forced to miss dozens of campaign events as he will soon be called to fulfill his Senate duties at the upcoming impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.



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