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New Poll Shows Trump Stealing Dems #1 Voting Base.. ‘Could Prove Fatal’

Despite the chaos of the House’s impeachment inquiry and other politically-charged investigations over the last two years, President Donald Trump has been steadfast in working to make sure people are being employed and that the economy remains strong.

And it’s paying off. Big time.

A brand new Rasmussen survey has concluded that 34 percent of likely black voters support Trump. For those who might thing this is a one-off — it’s not. Trump’s average support amongst black voters has actually increased since 2018, when it hovered in the mid-to-low 20s.

This is devastating news for Democratic members, as they have worked tirelessly to find and publicize faults of the president — many of which are still unclear to the general population — and their coordinated efforts aren’t going to plan.

And not to mention that the Democratic Party leans heavily on the black vote in securing presidential victories.

According to Real Clear Politics, “Even 20 percent African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election with 88 percent of the black vote. That was about a six-point falloff from Barack Obama’s share of the black vote in 2012.”

The RCP report noted that Hillary Clinton did not receive a massive portion of the black vote because those that come out to vote for Obama in 2012 did not do so for Clinton in 2016, giving Trump enough of an edge to win.

“Even a small drop in African-American turnout or anything less than the usual 85 percent to 90 percent supermajority for a Democratic presidential candidate on Election Day could prove fatal,” the RCP report concluded.

Will Trump’s “Silent Majority” strike again in 2020? Or will Democrats rally the troops in time for the election?


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