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Trump Goes On Early Morning Tweet Offensive, Slams ‘Worst Speaker In U.S. History’ Pelosi

President Donald Trump must have eaten his Wheaties this morning, as he decided to go on a tweet attack against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the “Do Nothing Democrats,” holding nothing back as he verbally beat them into the ground.

He started out by questioning where Democrats have been for the past several days while they essentially defended Iranian terrorist military commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani, calling the party “unhinged” for doing so.

Presumably because of the upcoming impeachment trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, Trump then trained his sights on the “impeachment hoax,” ripping Pelosi and Democrats for stalling the process and pointing out that some recent polls have indicated that the American people would rather Congress do it’s job, for the American people, rather than spend more time on an impeachment that has seemingly died.

Trump then doubled down on his attacks on Pelosi, labeling her as possibly the worst Speaker of the House in American history.

The president went on to point out that the House impeachment trial was obviously a partisan play and completely unfair based on the fact that Republicans weren’t allowed to call the witnesses they wanted. He also blasted Democrats for demanding fairness in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

Trump then reminded his followers — and his haters — that his approval numbers have never been higher, including his overall approval rating with Republicans and his approval rating of 53 percent with the general population.

Unfortunately for the Democrats who wish to make some of the impeachment debacle stick, it doesn’t appear to be leaning that way. And it also appears that Trump’s confidence has never been higher, which is odd in a way, as most presidents would likely be scared to death to face a Senate impeachment trial. But not this president — and according to many experts, it’s because he basically has nothing to worry about.

Trump and his Republican allies already have a strong defense against whatever case that Democrats lay out against him. As Trump and others have pointed out, if the impeachment articles were as serious as Democrats claim they are, there would have already been a trial happening.

Only time will tell what the outcome will actually be, but for President Trump, it looks like it’ll just be another week of business as usual in the White House.


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