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Report: President Trump To Take ‘Impeachment Victory Lap’ During State Of The Union

As the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump comes to a close, short of a vote to call witnesses or any other unprecedented interruptions, reports emerged on Thursday that the White House has special plans for this year’s annual State of the Union address next week.

According to The Washington Examiner, the chances of Trump officially scoring a Senate acquittal by Tuesday, February 4 — when the SOTU will be delivered — are highly likely. Because of that, and according to sources familiar with the matter, reports swirled that while Trump could use the address to take a sort of “victory lap” over his likely acquittal, he also plans on reaching across the aisle to try to get more done for American voters.

While House Democrats have spent countless days, hours and months pursuing two articles of impeachment against Trump and trying to convince senators that they’re serious enough to remove him from office, the president has continued to display his hard work ethic by completing a number of big-ticket policy promises.

Most recently, that has included the signing of a landmark Middle East peace plan and the long sought-after USMCA trade deal.

Former 2016 Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg said the president has an opportunity to remind America that he was acquitted and to let them know that the impeachment process set a dangerous future precedent.

“Of course he should publicize that he has been acquitted,” Nunberg said. “But he should also take a magnanimous approach about what a slippery slope this has been, that in spite of all this he has been able to deliver on big-ticket items, and there is the chance to do more now.”

A senior White House administration official reportedly said that the president will use his SOTU address to remind Democrats — and by extension the millions of viewers who tune in — that he’s ready to continue working on what really matters.

“The president has been consistent in his message: I am ready to work with you,” the senior administration official reportedly said.

It has also been rumored that upon a successful acquittal vote, Trump might address the nation from the Oval Office.


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