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Trump’s Florida Rally Was Packed With Democrats. Here’s Why Trump Loved It.

Ever so often a rowdy liberal will sprout up during a rally of President Donald Trump. He’ll normally call them out and they’ll be removed by security.

However, his most recent rally in Sunrise, FL had a quarter of the arena filled with Democrats. The catch? They were all pro-Trump Democrats showing their support for the 45th president of the United States.

According to Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 Campaign manager, 24 percent of the 31,117 attendees were registered Democrats. Additionally, 27 percent of them were Hispanic.

“Incredible data from a county that is predominantly blue. Put Florida in the win column for 2020!” Parscale tweeted.

These numbers are truly stunning and should keep every leftist in America awake at night.

In recent months, President Trump has been receiving an incredible swell of support during the controversial impeachment inquiries headed by up Reps. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. A recent Gallup and Rasmussen poll revealed that Trump’s approval rating amongst likely black voters have steadily climbed to a whopping 34 percent.

Democrats need to work non-stop to figure out a plan going into the 2020 election if they plan to contest the incredible support for Trump with a coordinated strike.

With the special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller culminating to an anticlimactic nothing-burger and the impeachment talks looking like a desperate, last-minute effort to derail Trump, the Democratic party is in serious trouble.

Will they be able to reform in time for the Democratic nomination? Or will Trump continue to secure votes from people of all demographics across America?


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