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President Trump’s New Legal Team Dismisses Pelosi’s Impeachment Articles As ‘Illegitimate’

Robert Ray, one of the newest additions to President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team, had quite a bit to say about the Democrat-led effort to pass two articles of impeachment against the president last year.

According to Daily Wire, the former federal prosecutor explained that the Democrats do not have a valid case against the president, citing the fact that the effort to impeachment him was clearly partisan with zero support from the opposing party.

“I think the president’s principal defense – and you saw it in the answer that was interposed over the weekend – is very simple. This is an entirely partisan and, therefore, illegitimate effort by House Democrats to remove a president from office,” Ray said during an appearance on Fox News over the weekend.

Ray doubled down on his thoughts, saying that the proper way for Democrats to remove the president from office if that’s what they feel needs to happen, is to gain bipartisan support in the Senate, which would then afford them the chance of emerging victorious and lend more credibility to the current impeachment articles facing the president.

“And the remedy for that is the United States Senate, as envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. In order to overturn the will of the electorate in the 2016 election, and particularly given the fact that we are now in the middle of a presidential campaign for 2020, ultimately, that will can only be overturned with a bipartisan effort and overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate, with a two-thirds majority, in order to remove a president and overturn the will of that electorate,” Ray added.

Ray then trained his criticisms on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after her recent quip that the president would be “impeached forever.” Ray pointed out that when the Republican-controlled Senate acquits the president, Trump will then be “acquitted forever.”

Ray joins a number of star-studded legal and Constitutional minds on Trump’s impeachment legal defense team, including former Clinton prosecutor Kenneth Starr and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate is expected to begin on Tuesday, January 21, with a vote to determine the rules of the trial. Both sides still haven’t determined whether or not witnesses will be called for either side in the trial, with a majority of Democrats wanting witnesses and most Republicans not wanting them.

Short of any unprecedented breaks from the White House, the upper chamber is predicted to acquit the president on both articles of impeachment.


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