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Unsealed Court Docs Reveal Harvey Weinstein’s Little Brother Told Him He Belongs In Hell

Disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein has been getting hit by all sides for years now, ultimately being convicted on rape and assault charges last month.

According to Washington Examiner, new court documents that have been unsealed for the public show that Weinstein’s little brother, Bob, tore into his older brother after the downfall began, sparking the #MeToo movement.

“F— u Harvey Weinstein. I pray there is a real hell. That’s where u belong,” Bob Weinstein wrote in 2017. “I suppose being you, is its own hell, if u could feel it, but no chance. OJ, didn’t kill Nicole Simpson and u had consensual sex with all those poor victimized women.”

“U deserve a lifetime achievement award for the sheer savagery and immorality and inhumanness, for the acts u have perpetrated,” he continued.

A day before Bob Weinstein blasted his brother, he sent another email calling Harvey Weinstein “delusional” and a “pathological” liar. The timing of this brief email correspondence aligns with when the convicted offender was in rehab, per the New York Times..

“What did u ever do wrong, except bully and abuse people in your whole life and now say crap like everyone makes mistakes,” he said. “U have hurt, so many innocent women, your family, mine, me, your former employee, disgraced the name Weinstein. The saddest part of all this, is that u will rationalize, minimize and compartmentalize, it all away.”

In February, Harvey Weinstein was found to be guilty of first-degree sexual assault and third-degree rape.

He is looking at a punishment of up to 29 years in prison.


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