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UPDATE: Eric Swalwell Issues Comment After #FartGate Goes Viral

#FartGate is going viral across the internet and Rep. Eric Swalwell appears to want nothing to do with it.

In a text to BuzzFeed News, Swalwell wrote, “It was not me!!!!!” adding that he “didn’t hear it” when he was talking to Hardball’s Chris Matthews.

However, the video seems to tell a different story. After the Democratic representative says, “Chris, so far the evidence is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to help him cheat an election,” he seems to let loose, pausing his speech briefly and relaxing his shoulders.

Take a gander at this — which includes the slow motion replay:

The official Hardball Twitter page attempted to alleviate the ridicule being hammered down on Swalwell by claiming that it was simply Matthews’ mug “scraping across the desk.”

Unfortunately, the delay during interviews would rule this out, as Swalwell had an immediate reaction at the very moment that the all-too-real whoopee-cushion sounded off.

Republicans on Twitter had good fun with the incident. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “We always knew Swalwell was full of s**t… #fartgate”.

Another brought Rep. Adam Schiff and the impeachment inquiry into the fray: “#fartgate is merely a symptom of the #schiffshow”.

Is Swalwell, quite literally, full of hot air and he’s trying to save face? Or was the unpleasant noise a freak incident that had nothing to do with the congressman?

You be the judge.


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