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Veteran Injured By Iran Bomb Praises Trump Airstrike: ‘We Need To Send A Message’

In 2005, Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett was badly wounded by an Iranian explosive, which burned his face and hands, along with costing him an eye.

And on Friday, when Trump approved a successful airstrike on Iran’s top military leaders, Bartlett was ecstatic — even celebrating the occasion.

“I was thinking about all my friends who had died at the hands of the Iranians, and, to be honest with you, I had a cigar and a whiskey,” Bartlett said Friday on Fox News.

Additionally, the purple-heart recipient rebuked the naysayers of the decisive attack, stating that previous administrations have failed to stop Iranian aggression and that the U.S. needed to “send a message.”

“We need to send a message. They’ve been sending us a message for years that they’re at war with us, and we’ve done nothing,” Bartlett said. “We sent them money. That didn’t work. We tried to buy them morality. That didn’t work. We sent policies out, put sanctions on them — not at the level that they’re at now — but none of those things worked, so how many times do you have to stick your finger in this light socket before you realize it shocks you?”

Watch Bartlett’s interview:

Trump approved an additional Friday evening, which has killed six in an Iranian convoy. More details of that strike will be available soon.

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