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New Video Reportedly Shows The Moment Boeing 737 Was Shot Down By Iran Missile

As previously reported by Daily Sounder, new spy satellite data has convinced the U.S. goverment, along with several European governments, that the Boeing 737 airliner that mysteriously “crashed” in Iran after they launched a ballistic missile attack in Iran, was actually shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile.

In the wake of the bombshell report that Iran could be responsible for shooting down the airliner, which killed approximately 180 passengers and crew on board, video has emerged that reportedly shows a missile striking the aircraft.

You can watch the unconfirmed video below (watch with sound, as the “boom” from the explosion follows several seconds after the reported missile hits the jet).

We’re not sure of the time and location of the video footage, but it appears to closely match a previous video that showed a different angle of the airliner crashing down from the sky, though that video was taken after the reported missile strike.

Initially, it was claimed that the plane crashed due to mechanical failure. However, Boeing indicated that the plane not only was serviced as recently as the beginning of this year, but that the plane also had a highly-experienced flight crew on board.

Adding to the suspiciousness was the fact that Iran has refused to turn over the black box flight recording data to Boeing — or anyone else for that matter. It’s likely that the black box data would confirm that the plane was destroyed by a missile attack.

President Donald Trump on Thursday told reporters that he “has his suspicions” with regard to how the plane was brought down, hinting that the emerging reports that it was shot down by Iran could be true.

The plane crash happened as Iran was presumably in its highest alert status — especially with surface-to-air missile targeting — as they had just launched a barrage of ballistic missiles against U.S. and coalition targets and Iran was likely expecting some type of air-based retaliation. Some have speculated that Iran saw the plane on radar and shot it down as a pre-emptive defensive capability before learning that the object was actually an airliner packed with civilians and not a military threat from the U.S or other coalition countries.

This post could be updated as breaking news alerts warrant or as information changes. 


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