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Video Resurfaces Of Man Confronting Nancy Pelosi: ‘Prison Time Is Coming Soon’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has always been despised by the other side of the political aisle (and even by some in her own party), but it seems as if American voters are even less fond of the 79-year-old California Democrat, as proven in a 2017 video clip that recently went viral around the same time she decided to withhold President Donald Trump’s impeachment from the U.S. Senate.

In the video, an unnamed man walks up to Pelosi and flags her down, presumably reaching out his hand for a friendly shake. But as he closes in, right in Pelosi’s face, he drops a bomb that obviously took Pelosi by surprise, though she managed to hold her tongue for the camera.

“Nancy!” the man says, to which Pelosi responded, “Hi.”

“Prison time’s coming soon, be ready,” the stranger said. Pelosi responded with a “mmhmm” noise before quickly jetting away from the stranger.

“Donald Trump. Not much time left! Bad news for you,” the anonymous man added.

Watch the full encounter below:

The video presumably went viral again as the House Speaker has faced intense blowback over her insistence on withholding the impeachment articles from the Senate, which is currently preventing Trump from receiving a fair trial.

Pelosi has stated that until she believes a “fair” process is negotiated for Democrats for the Senate portion of the impeachment process, that she refuses to turn the matter over to the upper chamber of Congress.

Making matters worse and more confusing, for both politicians and the American public, is the fact that both chambers of Congress are currently on holiday recess and no date for a trial has even remotely been mentioned.

What do you think of the man telling Pelosi she’ll be facing prison time soon? Let us know in the comments below.


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